Tanghulu is a delightful winter treat that combines the goodness of fresh fruit with a sweet, crunchy coating. If you've ever wanted your Tanghulu to have that perfect stickiness that adheres to your teeth, this recipe is here to make your wish come true! Follow the steps below for an easy and delicious Tanghulu creation.


  • 2 cups of granulated sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • Assorted fresh fruits of your choice


Step 1: Prepare the Fruits

  • Begin by giving your chosen fruits a light wash. Afterward, use a paper towel to thoroughly dry them, ensuring there's no moisture left on the surface.

Step 2: Make the Sugar Coating

  • Take a narrow, deep pot and pour in the 2 cups of sugar. Evenly distribute 1 cup of water over the sugar.

Step 3: Heat the Sugar Syrup

  • Place the pot on high heat and allow the sugar and water mixture to come to a boil.

Step 4: Skewer the Fruits

  • While the sugar mixture is heating, carefully skewer the prepared fruits at an appropriate length. Be cautious while inserting the skewers, as reinserting them incorrectly can release moisture from the fruit.

Step 5: Observe the Sugar Syrup

  • As the sugar water begins to boil, watch for the bubbles to rise slowly and become thick and sticky. When this happens, reduce the heat to low. You can occasionally insert and remove a pair of chopsticks to monitor the syrup's consistency.

Step 6: Check for Hardening

  • The syrup should eventually harden, creating a crisp, candy-like coating on the fruits. If the syrup still appears weak or sticky, continue to boil a bit longer to remove more moisture.

Step 7: Coating the Fruits

  • Once the sugar syrup has reached the desired consistency, carefully tilt the pot to ensure the syrup is evenly coating the fruit skewers. This process should be done quickly, as the syrup will harden rapidly.

Step 8: Set in the Freezer

  • Place the coated fruit skewers in the freezer for a short while to allow the sugar coating to harden fully. This will give your Tanghulu that satisfying crunch.

Step 9: Serve and Enjoy

  • After hardening in the freezer, your Tanghulu is ready to be enjoyed. Serve it as a delightful winter snack with the perfect balance of sweetness and crunch!

Now you can savor your homemade Tanghulu with the ideal combination of stickiness and crunchiness. Enjoy!

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