Crowd Cookware – Steamed Beech wood cutting board – With Juice Groove – 40x30 cm

€39,00 EUR
  • 1200 gr.
  • No
  • 2 cm
  • No
  • Steamed Beech Wood
  • 40 x 30 cm

Are the knives exactly balanced in the middle?

No - for a good reason: input from chefs. A knife has to tilt forward, towards the area where the knife cuts the food, for an optimal cutting experience. We’re familiar with big brands that boast that their knife is perfectly balanced in the middle. We’re convinced this is nothing but a marketing ploy.

Is the Wigbold Dishwasher safe?

Although the stainless steel is dishwasher safe, we strongly recommend cleaning your knife by hand. The banging around that happens in the dishwasher can damage the cutting edge of your knife.

Are the handles hollow or solid?

The handle is hollow casted. The weight of a knife is one of its most important aspects. To achieve the perfect weight, we've tested different knives for months. We discovered that the weight of each knife is ideal and Michelin star chefs have confirmed this. Hollow casting turned out to be the best technique to achieve the perfect weight.

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The Crowd Cookware Cutting Boards

Made from steamed beech wood and FSC® Certified

From serving snacks to heavy cutting, the Crowd Cookware cutting boards will always have your back.

Why you will love the Crowd Cookware Cutting boards

Meet the Crowd Cookware cutting boards, all made from steamed beech wood. All made in Europe and all FSC® certified.

All cutting boards have integrated grips to make it easy to work with and to make sure you can move around the board quickly. Thanks to the 4 different sizes you will always have a cutting board that fits your needs.

The Crowd Cookware cutting boards are cleaned easily by hand are not dishwasher safe.

Designed with our Crowd, Produced with Craftmanship

In just over 4 years, Crowd Cookware evolved into a worldwide community of kitchen enthusiasts creating their own chef-grade cookware for a fair price. Thanks to frequent feedback moments, we come up with new products together, such as the Blackbeard pan set, the Wigbold knife set, the Buccaneer and the Tasman and the creation of the Crowd Cookware cutting boards.

Creating cookware with our crowd is all about translating feedback into new products or actual changes to the final designs. We believe this is the way to create great cookware together!