The Blackbeard Stainless Steel Frying pans - 24 + 28 cm / 9" + 11"

Non-stick - Non-scratch - Suitable for all heat sources
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Dishwasher Safe

Suitable for all heat sources and oven safe up to 260°C

3 year warranty

About the Blackbeard

Unlock the treasure of perfect cooking with the Blackbeard Frying Pans by Crowd Cookware. Designed for the modern kitchen, our frying pan stands out in a sea of ordinary cookware with its superior performance and unbeatable durability. Whether you’re a home chef or a professional, the Blackbeard Frying Pan will revolutionize your cooking experience.

Why Choose the Blackbeard Frying Pan?

Superior Non-Stick Technology

Say goodbye to sticky situations. Our frying pan features an advanced non-stick coating that ensures effortless food release and easy cleanup. Unlike other brands the Blackbeard Frying Pan offers an exceptional non-stick surface that lasts longer and performs better, even under heavy use.

Unmatched Durability

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Blackbeard Frying Pan is built to withstand the rigors of daily cooking. The pan's robust construction resists warping and scratching, maintaining its sleek appearance and optimal performance for years.

Even Heat Distribution

Achieve perfect cooking results every time with our pan's excellent heat distribution. The Blackbeard Frying Pan ensures that heat is evenly spread across the surface, preventing hotspots and allowing for precise temperature control. This feature is crucial for searing, sautéing, and frying to perfection.

Ergonomic Design

Our frying pan is designed with the user in mind. The comfortable, heat-resistant handle provides a secure grip, reducing the risk of accidents and making it easy to maneuver. The pan's thoughtful design makes it a joy to use, whether you're flipping pancakes or simmering sauces.

Our Four Promises

Chef grade cookware

Ships in 24 hours

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Premium quality for a fair price

Why the Blackbeard is the missing piece in your Kitchen

Unique Honeycomb structure

Tired of food sticking to your pans? The Blackbeard Frying Pan's superior non-stick coating ensures that your food slides right off, making cooking and cleaning a breeze. The unique honeycomb coating makes cooking super easy.

Wear and Tear

Cheap cookware often shows signs of wear quickly, but not the Blackbeard Frying Pan. Its durable construction resists scratches and damage, ensuring it remains a staple in your kitchen for years.

Suitable for all heat sources

The Blackbeard pans are suitable for all heat sources including induction. Furthermore, the Blackbeard is suitable for oven use and even on the BBQ. Suitable up to temperatures of 260 °C.

Long-Lasting Quality

Invest in cookware that stands the test of time. The Blackbeard Frying Pan offers unmatched durability, providing you with a reliable kitchen companion for countless meals.

3-ply technique for efficient cooking

The Blackbeard has been equipped with the versatile 3-ply technology existing of 2 stainless steel layers and 1 aluminium core. This makes the pan energy efficient and evenly heating.

Inconsistent Cooking

Uneven heating can ruin a meal. Our pan’s even heat distribution guarantees consistent cooking results, so you can trust your food will come out just right every time.

The Coolest Handle

Thanks to the unique and beautiful designed handle you can always handle the pan with confidence. The handle stays cool no matter what.

Achieve professional-quality results at home. The even heat distribution and non-stick technology ensure your dishes are cooked to perfection, impressing your family and guests alike.

Tested and Verified by Tasting Table

The Blackbeard has been reviewed by one of the most renowned culinary magazines and we are proud to tell you!

Made to last

Longevity guaranteed

Recommended by chefs

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