The Buccaneer Cast Iron Skillet - 24 + 28 cm / 9" + 11"

Stainless steel handle - Suitable for all heat sources
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 11 reviews
€179,00 EUR
  • 1300 / 1600 gram
  • 4,5 / 5,5 cm
  • No
  • Cast Iron
  • 24 / 28 cm
  • All Heat Sources

On what heat sources can the Buccaneer cook?

The Buccaneer is suitable for induction, gas, ceramic, electric, oven safe up to 250 °C / 482 °F and even BBQ proof.

What temperatures can the pans withstand?

The Buccaneer can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Is the Buccaneer dishwasher safe?

The Buccaneer is super easy to clean by hand . Most messes just need a gentle soak and scrub for a smooth finish without a blemish in sight!

Is it true that your handle stays cool?

Thanks to the well-thought-out thin attachment to the pan, burned hands or tinkering with potholders is history! This enables cool handling of the pan, besides in the oven or barbecue of course ;)

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The Buccaneer Cast Iron Skillet

A carefully designed, lightweight cast iron pan for everyday use.

Thanks to the integrated honeycomb pattern you will have the perfect non-stick experience.

Why you will love the Buccaneer

The Buccaneer has been developed to last a lifetime. Suitable for all heat sources and a handle that stays cool no matter what.

The Buccaneer has been developed with the High-pressure Die Casting technique. This leads to thinner walls and a weight reduction of 50%.

Thanks to the thinner walls the Buccaneer has a perfect heat conduction. The Buccaneer is the perfect allround workhorse your kitchen needs!

Designed with our Crowd, Produced with Craftmanship

In just over 3 years, Crowd Cookware evolved into a worldwide community of kitchen enthusiasts creating their own chef-grade cookware for a fair price. Thanks to frequent feedback moments, we come up with new products together, such as the Blackbeard pan set, the Wigbold knife set, the Buccaneer and the Tasman.

Creating cookware with our crowd is all about translating feedback into new products or actual changes to the final designs. We believe this is the way to create great cookware together!