The Tasman Recycled Dutch Oven and Grill in Red - Ø29 cm / 11.4"

Including grill and traditional lid
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 2 reviews
€199,00 EUR
  • 9000 gram
  • Fully recycled
  • 25 cm
  • No
  • Cast Iron
  • 6,6L / 7QT oven safe up to 260°C | 500 °F
  • 29 cm
  • All Heat Sources

On what heat sources can the Tasman cook?

The Tasman is suitable for induction, gas, ceramic, electric, oven safe up to 260 °C / 500 °F and even BBQ proof.

What temperatures can the pans withstand?

The Tasman can withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius.

Is the Tasman diswasher safe?

The Tasman is super easy to clean. Most messes just need a gentle soak and scrub for a smooth finish without a blemish in sight! Our Tasman is also dishwasher-safe (though we prefer you wash it by hand)! If you put it in the dishwasher you might need to season the edges that are not enameled.

What is the function of the studs in the bottom of the traditional lid?

The studs in the traditional lid are specifically made to ensure that the drops of condensation during cooking, 'leak' evenly across the pan. This makes sure that your dish always stays moisturized and to maintain flavours.

What are the main advantages of a cast iron dutch oven?

A cast iron dutch is a life companion in your kitchen, suitable for all heat sources and has got an incredible heat conduction. You can use it for an enormous variety of dishes and it is a real allrounder. Together with the grill lid you can cook as many different type of dishes as you want!

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The Tasman Recycled Dutch Oven

Incredibly strong, an unbelievable allrounder and ready to be used every day.

Fully made of recycled materials, but strong as ever. The strong 3 layers of enamel coating prevent chipping, scratching and cracking.

Why you will love the Tasman

The Tasman has been developed to last a lifetime. Suitable for all heat sources and integrated with a grill lid that gives you 2 pans in 1.

The Tasman contains a mineral-based non-toxic enamel coating that won't intermingle with your clean ingredients and is, therefore, better for the environment.

This kitchen staple can fry, sauté, steam, grill, and boil. The only thing it doesn’t do is cook the food for us.

Designed with our Crowd, Produced with Craftmanship

In just over 3 years, Crowd Cookware evolved into a worldwide community of kitchen enthusiasts creating their own chef-grade cookware for a fair price. Thanks to frequent feedback moments, we come up with new products together, such as the Blackbeard pan set, the Wigbold knife set, the Buccaneer and the Tasman.

Creating cookware with our crowd is all about translating feedback into new products or actual changes to the final designs. We believe this is the way to create great cookware together!